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Private Native Forestry

Jamax Forest Solutions manages the harvesting and sale of the complete range of log products from Private Native Forestry operations on private property across the north coast of NSW to optimise the utilisation of the forest, leave the forest in a healthier growing state and to maximise the financial returns to the landowner.

Specialising in north coast forest management, Jamax Forest Solutions is the trusted provider of private native forestry services. Jamax currently employs six professional native forest timber harvesting crews and a native plantation thinning operation, all of which operate exclusively on private property across the north coast.

Private Native Forestry operations

High-value poles being loaded at a Jamax-managed PNF harvesting operation.

In the case of a native forest harvesting operation, Jamax normally undertakes the following services for the client:

(a) applies for and negotiates the conditions of a Private Native Forestry Property Vegetation Plan (PNF PVP) with Local Land Services, if the landowner has not already done so.

(b) investigates the need for and, where necessary, obtain any other necessary approvals from other government agencies, e.g. Council;

(c) develops a Forest Operations Plan (plan for the roading and/or harvesting) for the property in accordance with the Private Native Forestry Plan (PNF Plan) for the property;

(d) negotiates the sale of the full range of timber products with processors to achieve the highest residual stumpage for each log product for the landowner and the best utilisation of all log products;

(e) negotiates and prepares Sales Agreements with timber processors;

(f) negotiates with and engages suitably qualified roading (if required), harvest and haulage contractors;

(g) supervises roading operations in accordance with the Forest Operation Plan, if required;

(h) supervises harvesting operations in accordance with the Forest Operation Plan.;

(i) oversees supply of timber products to timber processors;

(j) invoices timber processors, manages debtors and pay contractors and landowners; and

(k) audits the environmental performance of contractors and establishes revenue safeguards

Jamax’s commission is a fixed percentage of the residual stumpage for these services.

Using a straight percentage of the residual stumpage across all products provides the right incentives for Jamax to maximise the returns to the landowner, as the more money that Jamax generates for the landowner, by maximising utilisation in the bush and ensuring each log yields its maximum value, maximises the returns for both parties.

Similarly, each harvesting contractor is paid based on a hierarchical rate structure that mirror the relative value of each log product, providing further positive incentives to maximise the landowner's returns.

Many private native forests on the north coast of NSW have been "high graded" in the past, meaning they have typically only been very selectively harvested by a mill's own logging crew. Generally, when a mill undertakes a harvesting operation, the mill will only take what the mill itself can use. In most cases, that means the operation will only produce sawlogs and often only the particular species that the mill likes. Similarly, the price that the mill can and will pay depends on their end product markets. If they only produce industrial grade timber, they will only be able to afford to pay "industrial grade" prices for your logs.

Such a light selective harvest where only the best trees are removed doesn't open the stand up sufficiently to encourage good regeneration and the forest stagnates. After a series of such operations where the best trees (and then the next best tree from the previous operation) are continually removed, the forest is ultimately downgraded.

A proper understanding of forest ecology, silviculture, stand dynamics and access to the full range of markets for your timber is essential to not only maintain but to enhance the health of your forest.

Jamax's harvesting operations supplies log products to a broad base of customers from south of Sydney to north of Gympie, QLD. Jamax's operations are fully integrated and we have a customer for most log products that a tree is capable of producing, so very little gets wasted.

We currently produce and sell poles, piles, girders, high quality large (quota) and small (thinnings or smalls) sawlogs, salvage sawlogs, fencing and mining timber, firewood and domestic pulpwood.


"Really appreciated the professional services provided by Jamax Forest Solutions and Steve in harvesting our native timber forest in 2017.

After a number of years investigating options for harvesting we had a meeting with Steve at his office. My wife and myself were very impressed at this meeting with the Steve’s knowledge, openness and experience in handling the harvest operation. Through to final harvest this month our trust in Steve has been to fully justified. Documentation has been complete and prompt each month as have all payments into our bank account.

Handling a harvest like ours requires a professional like Steve and we are of the firm opinion using Steve provided a much superior return without the headaches of having to manage the operation ourselves."

Jason and Richard Blomfield, PNF landowner, July 2017

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