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Past projects - Log exports

Jamax Forest Solutions has previously been involved in log exports, including the operation of a successful intemodal log export business at Bathurst, NSW.

Softwood plantation harvesting, near Orange, NSW

Jamax managed the harvest and supply of approximately 100,000 tonnes of pine in the Bathurst area for export to Asia. We used professional and accredited local contractors, who have proven performance in wood utilisation, quality control, mass management accreditation, OHS and environmental awareness. Our contractors possessed substantial local industry knowledge and years of experience

Quality control inspection of Radiata Pine logs

Logs were segregated into appropriate "log sorts" to both maximise the returns to the landowner and to ensure end users only recieve what they have paid for.

Radiata Pine logs at roadside

Once segregated into the correct grades, logs await transport to the loading facility near Bathurst. We drew timber from private pine plantations in the Lithgow, Oberon, Orange and Bathurst area.

Barcoded logs ready for loading

Once delivered to the loading facility, the logs were individually measured, tagged and fumigated ready for loading into 40' containers.

Container loading at Kelso

The individual logs are bundled up and pushed into containers. Once loaded, the containers are themselves loaded onto trains for delivery direct to Port Botany, Sydney where they were packed onto ships destined for Asia.

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